Yuan Meishi is a high school girl and a member of the Ranpan, who comes from the slums of Hong Kong and helps Kinji Tohyama after he was pick pocketed and lost within the city. Also, she is one of the maids at the Ranpan Castle, who helped Kinji and Riko Mine reach Kou.[1]


Yuan is a slender girl with pink lips and lopsided twin-tails bobbing like rosary beads.[2] She wears a white Chinese school girl uniform.

Personality Edit

Yuan personality is similar to Aria H. Kanzaki due to being a tsundere from having a cold exterior as shown when she was yelling at Kinji, but has a generous heart by offering him food and a place to stay for the night. Kinji noted that Yuan has a strong willpower and willingness to learn.[2]

Background Edit

Yuan is an orphan girl who grew up in the slums of Hong Kong. She attends a school where orphan girls go in exchange for doing small tasks. In addition, Yuan dream is to study in Japan.

Quote Edit

  • (To Kinji): "You've become the talk of the whole building, you know. The boy who can't talk, but is a hard worker." (Volume 13, Chapter 3)

Trivia Edit


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