Overture's Fine is the fifth volume of the Hidan no Aria novel series released on December 25, 2009. This novel contains the conclusion of the IU arc, IU storyline, and prologue section of the story. Also, it contains a transition section to the next phase of the story.



  • Pierce 1 - The Man Beyond Time and Space
  • Pierce 2 - Overture's Fine
  • Reload 1 - Konayuki, Shirayuki's sister
  • Reload 2 - Marseille Roulette
  • Reload 3 - Goodbye Aria
  • Go for the Next!! Hello Reki

Illustrations Edit


  • This volume marks the first time in the series when Kinji Tohyama enters Hysteria Beserk.
  • The chapter list says "Pierce" and "Reload" instead of "Ammo" to indicate the end of the prologue section and the transition to the next phase of the story.
  • The second volume to feature a male character on the cover.
  • The last volume where the final illustration is not a sketch.
  • "The Man Beyond Time and Space" is a reference to Aria H. Kanzaki's ancestor, Sherlock Holmes.
  • It's revealed the Sherlock Holmes shot Aria with the scarlet bullet from the present day of the volume into the past.
  • Sherlock Holmes is defeated by Kinji resulting in the IU disbanding and creating a power vacuum.


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