Urara Takachiho (高千穂 麗 Takachiho Urara?) is the class president of 1-CC of the Tokyo Butei High, and the proud heiress of the Takachiho Family, a household of armed lawyers. She always walk around, fanning around other with her pride and accompanied by her servants, the Aizawa Twins: Yuyu Aizawa and Yaya Aizawa.


A tall and refined blonde girl. She wears a standard Butei High uniform with a longer skirt that extends past her knees. Often times she carries a fan with her, typically as an accessory rather than to use. She appears very dignified, and is always seen with her servants Yuyu and Yaya..


Her wealth and status fuel her very high confidence and she uses it to obtain many things that she wishes for. She likes being in control of situations and people. Despite her acting high and mighty, deep down, she cares and means well for the ones she cares about (Yuyu, Yaya, Akari Mamiya).

Background Edit


  • Her father and Shino Sasaki's father who is an Armed Prosecutor are enemies within the court.
  • She is the creator: Chūgaku Akamatsu's favorite character, mentioned in Volume 12 afterword.
  • Being a rich girl, she has the trademark "Ojou-sama laugh"
  • Her signature Ruger differs greatly in the anime and manga. The anime gives it an extended barrel and a rifle stock while it's just the base weapon in the manga.
  • Urara appeared on two covers of the AA series.
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