Umeko Tsuzuri is one of the Masters at Butei High and the Head of the Dagula Department. She is one of the elite Butei in the art of interrogation and ranks among the top five in Japan. No matter how firm the offender is, after Tsuzuri's interrogation they won't stay normal and seem start referring to her as Queen or Goddess. Also, she is the best friend of Ranbyou and interacts with Yutori Takamagahara.

Appearance Edit

Tsuzuri is a young women with white skin, black hair in a short cut style, and black-grey eyes. She wears a white tang top exposing her cleavage and stomach along with military, green pants, black coat, black gloves, and black boots. Also, she has unfocused eyes making her look like she's on drugs, possibly from smoking a lot. Plus, she is always seen smoking.

Personality Edit

Tsuzuri tends to stare at students with unfocused eyes, making her look like she's on drugs. Also, like the rest of the teachers at Butei High, she does not care about her students' grades. In addition, she can remember all of the student's statistics, but tends to forget simple words and spends time remember them as she speaks. However, she does get angry if anyone speaks negatively behind her back as shown with Gouki Mutou.[1]

Background Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Tsuzuri is the only female Master at Butei High to be illustrated to date in the series.

References Edit

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