Shino Sasaki (佐々木 志乃 Sasaki Shino?) is a 1st year freshman in the Inquesta department. She is in Class 1-A along with her friends Akari Mamiya and Raika Hino. A wealthy girl who was just longing for a single friend, until she came across Akari. She goes to lengths to make keep them inseparable, even if it means cancelling her Amica contract with Aria H. Kanzaki. After that end, Akari forgives Shino telling they'll always be friends despite being with different senior partners. Following the next day, Shino decides to be an Amica so that she and Akari can train alongside.


Like Shirayuki, she has long, flowing black hair that reaches to a little bit past her waist, with bangs that cut off at her forehead and her cheekbones, she has a big bust and her eyes are red.

Personality Edit

She's shown to be polite and friendly towards her friends. When it comes to Akari, and Nonoka by proxy, Shino is very obsessive over them. With Akari in particular, she's kept a treasure trove of Akari's used forks, hair clippings, etc. She isn't afraid to attack those who get between her and Akari (i.e Aria) and her morbid obsession has gone to a point where she would willingly cripple Akari so she could be the one to nurse her back to health.

Her over possessive nature is not without reason, however. Prior to meeting Akari, she was an outcast from other Butei students because she is the daughter of a wealthy family. Because of her natural beauty, the boys in her class would be too intimidated while the girls ostracized her out of jealousy. As a result, she became very depressed and her paranoia of losing Akari comes from her fear of being alone again.


  • She and Shirayuki Hotogi became Amicas under these similarities.
    • An unhealthy obsession over the person they respectively like.
    • A mutual hatred for Aria
    • Both are very skilled swordsman 
  • Due to the fact her morbid obsession for Akari is so strong she would willingly maim Akari (just to be the one to nurse her back to health) or others for getting between her and Akari, she can be identified as a Yandere
  • Her massive Katana could be a nod to her ancestor, Kojiro Sasaki, because of his use of a nearly three-foot long Nodachi (to put in perspective, most Katanas were only 60 cm compared to Kojiro's blade of 90 cm)
  • Shino appeared on two volume covers of the AA series.
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