Reloaded: Cast-Off Table (リローデッド キャストオフ・テーブル Liloddedo Kyasuto Ofu Tebburu?) is a side-story volume of the Hidan no Aria novel series released on December 25, 2012 as part of the Blu-Ray & DVD limited edition volumes of the anime. The side-story was release in between Volumes 13 and 14. It also contains the short-stories: The Case of Naruse Yukari and The Case of the Lost Peachbuns.

Summary Edit


  • I - Strip Mahjong
  • II - Strip Billiards
  • III - Princess Kaguya's Electric Railway
  • IV - Dice
  • V - Roulette
  • VI - Poker
  • VII - The Game of Life


Trivia Edit

  • All of the girls shown in the short story were introduced from Volumes I through V.
  • Color images of the girls represents a game played in the story.


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