Go die!
Ranbyou (蘭豹) is a 19 year old female Butei Masters, who is an instructor at Tokyo Butei High School Assault division. She is an Assault departments instructor that looked like a Hong Kong mafia leader. Students call her the "Human Bunker Buster". Her catchphrases are "Go die!" or "Death!". She is best friends with Umeko Tsuzuri and interacts with Yutori Takamagahara.

Personality Edit

Ranbyou tends to be wild and unpredictable, especially when she is drunk. Also, she is renowned for her ability to read people, whether they be Butei or offenders and has animal-like senses when it comes to that. An example would be seeing through Riko's disguise when she pretended to be a female officer to stop the fight between Aria and Kana. In addition, she tries to go on blind dates with hopes of meeting a man who likes her, however they always go wrong and always rages at her class when they do go wrong.

Appearance Edit

Ranbyou is a 19 year old young woman with long brown hair tied in a pony tail and wears a green tank top. However, she does wear a business suit when going to Headmaster Takeru Midorimatsu as shown in the epilogue of Volume 11.


Ranbyou is so renowned in Hong Kong that her very name strikes fear into criminal's hearts. She may have become a teacher, but because of excessive and continued violence, she's been discharged from several Butei High's, and so she keeps moving around.

Trivia Edit

  • Ranbyou appearance is similar to the character Revy from the series Black Lagoon.
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