Raika Hino (火野 ライカ Hino Raika?) is a 1st year freshman in the Assault department. She is the same Class 1-A as her classmates, Akari Mamiya and Shino Sasaki. Her physical abilities and senses are above average to deal with most of the boys, leading her to be called "mannish woman", a nickname she doesn't take to be fond of. Many people view her as cool, something she appears to be used to. She hides her problems and pain well, but is very obvious when she's flustered from embarrassment.


A blonde tomboyish girl and typically wears her hair in a ponytail. In Akari's group, she is the tallest and boasts the largest bust. Typically she wears her Butei high uniform. Her eyes are green.


She has a very tomboyish personality, however deep down she longs to be more feminine. She's also very sensitive about her femininity as she took a great deal of offense and cried over the fact her male classmates see her as another guy. As a result of this, she visits cosplay boutiques and other similar places to get her mind off of things. Though she has a cool demeanor, she becomes girly when she is flustered and shy.


  • Raika's sexuality appears to be homosexual as the closer she got to Kirin, the more easily flustered around her charming and teasing nature. In the early chapters of the manga, Raika would occasionally flash up Akari's skirt. 
  • Raika appeared on two volume covers of the AA series. 
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