Public Division Zero (公安0課 Kouan Zero Ka?) is the Japanese government's underground sector, tasking its shadow enforcers to do jobs bypassing jurisdictional legislations with a "License to Kill". A secret police organization established by the Anglo-Japanese Alliance back during the era of the Greater Japanese Empire, based of from Great Britain's 00 (Double O) series.

Following the transfer of power to the Democratic Party of Japan, the organization was disbanded with most of its main members either executed or exiled. It was re-established In 2012 after the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan regained power. Since then, the organization was subject to the Prime Minister, becoming its super elite forces of legislation while corresponding to national crisis using any means, even if its murder.


  • Formally known as Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Ministry of Public Security, Public Security Division 0 (警視庁公安部 公安第0課 Keishichō Kōanbu Kōandai zeroka?)
  • '0 = Zero' is the nickname for the organization's non-existence, which parodies to the M16 00 Section from Ian Fleming's James Bond novels.
  • The name is similar to Public Security Section 9 from the Ghost in the Shell franchise.
  • The way Public Division 0 was dissolved and reformed is similar to Section 9 disbandment and reformation in the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series.
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