I do not understand you commoners, but if it is just a matter of leaving it up to my servants--it is extremely simple.


Patra (パトラ Patra?) is the descendant of the Cleopatra VII of Ancient Egypt and was the former #2 of IU, who kidnapped Aria H. Kanzaki and fought with Kinji Tohyama and Shirayuki Hotogi during the events of Volume 4. After the fall of IU, she would become an enemy of Aria and Kinji again after joining the Grenada faction of the Far Eastern Warfare (FEW). Once the FEW conflict ended, she became Kinichi Tohyama (Kana) wife and is currently pregnant with their child.[1]


Patra is Caucasian, as Cleopatra was of pure Greek descent, from a time when Greeks were more light-skinned than today. Her eyes are a deep royal purple with indigo hair flowing down past her shoulders, presumably reaching her waist. Patra wears ancient Egyptian style clothing as a reference to her heritage along with a large amount of jewelry including a headpiece and earnings.

During Patra's pregnancy, she stops wearing her headpiece and wears modern clothes like a dress and jacket, but still wears an ancient Egyptian necklace.

Personality Edit

Patra acts very pridefully, though her nature may be attributed to her lineage. She acts like a queen and looks down on those who she deems are weaker than her. Also, she has acquired some sort of love for large amounts of jewelry. 

Patra seems to have a very distinct hatred men, except for Kinichi Tohyama (Kana). It is highly suggested that she is truly in love with Kinichi, but like Aria, she is also capable of denying it outright even though it shows on her face. Also, she has a habit of extreme violence. 


Patra early history unknown, except that she was taught things by Tamamo[2] including Japanese, which is why her speech patter is similar to Tamamo.[3] Also, at one point was Sherlock Holmes second-in command even above Vlad. However, it is mentioned that she seems to have a knack for extreme violence causing her to be expelled from IU.  

Quote Edit

  • (To Tamamo): "Tamamo. For the things that your ancestors had once taught me, I give my thanks, however...towards the honor students of IU's Daio, I bear a personal hatred. This time, IU's Ignatius will be 'Grenada'." (Volume 8, Chapter 1)

Trivia Edit

  • Patra name is derived from her ancestor name, Cleopatra.
  • Patra is the first major character in the series to be pregnant.
  • Patra's gun is the same one James Bond, played by Timothy Dalton, used in The Living Daylights (1987).

References Edit

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