N is a well hidden secret organization, similar to IU, bent on evolving humanity through chaos.

After the conclusion of the Far Eastern Warfare (FEW) and incident with the Scarlet Goddess, they became the main antagonistic organization of the series. Their objective is to kill Kinji Tohyama as they believe his death would throw the world back into a state of bloodshed, warfare, and push humanity to evolve beyond its current limits.

Organization CultureEdit


Similiar to IU, N is located in Nemo's ancestor, Captain Nemo, submarine, the Nautilus.

  • N: Nautilus



  • N can be seen as the counterpart or antithesis to IU.
    • Sherlock Holmes led IU while his archnemesis Professor Moriarty leads N.
    • Both are secret organizations residing behind the scenes.
    • The letters in each name is an acronym.
    • Both organizations are located in a submarine.
    • Both organizations aim to surpass human evolution with their actions.
      • Though IU seems to aim for this goal through any means while N seems to focus on evolution through conflict and chaos.
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