Kinji Tohyama Edit

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Misaki Nakasorachi and Kinji

Nakasorachi seems to have developed an extremely (understated) massive crush on Kinji. This was easily shown when her character was first personally introduced. When she was within Kinji's mere vicinity, she could not even form words properly, let alone speak. She also seems to jump to conclusions about his statements, similar to Aria. However, she reacts to them similarly to how Shirayuki would. Just, much more flustered.

Also, she seems to have created a personification of Kinji in her room. There seems to be a house plant inside her room that she named "Tohyama Kinji" that she implied to speak to quite often.

Jeanne d'Arc Edit

It is mentioned by both Jeanne and Nakasorachi herself that they have known each other before and that they are fair friends. They are also teammates on Team Constellation.