LOO is a U.S. Army Full Bird Colonel who appeared at the Bandire in Volume 8, Chapter 1. She operates a military grade robotic tank in order to fight. She is part of Greneda during the Far Eastern Warfare and later becomes a member of the GIII League.

Appearance Edit

LOO is described by Kinji Tohyama as looking like a child in elementary school[1] with light blue hair tied in pig tails. She wears a school swimsuit with the red Butei female school uniform tie, Full Bird Colonel rank insignia, and robotic parts on her head, arms, waist, and legs, and is barefoot.

Personality Edit

LOO shows emotions like at a normal person, but can only say the word "LOO," which has a different tone depending on her emotions. Also, LOO's method of communication is not understandable.

Background Edit

Not much is known about LOO other than at some point she became a Full Bird Colonel in the U.S. Army.

Trivia Edit

  • LOO is similar to the character Groot from Marvel's Comics Guardians of the Galaxy due to their communication is limited to a set of words.

References Edit

  1. Volume 8, Chapter 1
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