Konayuki Hotogi (星伽 粉雪 Hotogi Konayuki) is Shirayuki's younger sister, the second oldest among the six and a person from Hotogi Shrine. She is two years younger than Shirayuki and practices the divination of Hotogi Miko. She is different from other Hotogi's as she is the only step-sister. Konayuki sticks to her Onee-sama (Shirayuki) a lot.

Hotogi Shrine is a shrine that is extremely stern about its forbiddance of men. So, the Miko there, except for the men in the Tohyama family, who were let in for some unknown reason, have never really seen any men. Basically she hates men which is the opposite of Kinji who hates women.

Since all Hotogi mikos are like caged birds, it is no surprise she is interested in the world outside of Hotogi. Late at night during her stay at Kinji's apartment together with her older sister. She sneaks out wearing a fashionable clothes of layered skirt, slightly adult short-sleeved jacket with a U collar and a short tank top. She was also wearing a mesh belt with a large buckle, also a corsage sandals. She tends to do a lot of shopping, buying things that interest her and eating a sundae, which looked like a miniature castle.


She first appeared in the light novel, volume 5 chapter 3, in front of Kinji's apartment waiting for Shirayuki. In Miko garments, on her back was a bundle with the pentagram symbol of her house on it. Her hand was holding a red, oilskin parasol, and she had black hair, going down to her shoulders. She looks quite similar to Shirayuki and is also quite beautiful.


She has a bit of proud air around her and just like Aria H. Kanzaki she seems to have a low tolerance when it comes to boy-girl relationship. Crushing the remote when seeing a kissing scene on TV and blushing deep red, saying that it is impure, unclean and such. It may be due to the fact that she hates men due to her upbringing.

Trivia Edit

  • Konayuki (粉雪) means powdered snow.
  • She and her sisters' names follow the pattern of adding a prefix combined with -yuki (雪) meaning snow.
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