Kanae Kanzaki (神崎 かなえ Kanzaki Kanae), served a 864 year consecutively sentence in prison for crimes committed by the IU until her release in Volume 21. She has a loving relationship with her daughter, Aria and tells Aria it is more important that she finds a partner than saving her in order to unleash all her power, find someone to hang out with and understand her like the first Holmes and Watson. After the defeat of the Scarlet Blazing Goddess, Kanae was finally released from prison.[1]


Kanae appears to be a calm, timid woman unlike her ferocious and hot-blooded daughter. She's a loving mother and likes to tease Aria, especially when Aria first brought Kinji. She's also protective of Aria to the point of begging her not to fight alone.

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Kanae is a beautiful woman with long dark purple hair and dark purple eye.

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