That's right. I too love battles. I can drink as much lovely blood as I want.

–Hilda to Meiya, Volume 8, Chapter 1

Hilda Tepes is a vampire and the daughter of Tooru Sayonaki (Vlad), who helped her father torture Riko Mine while she was captive. She was initially part of the Grenada faction at the start of the Far Eastern Warfare (FEW) until she was defeated by the combined efforts of Kinji Tohyama, Aria H. Kanzaki, and Riko Mine. Afterwards, Hilda became part of the Deen faction.

Appearance Edit

Hilda is a teenage girl with wax pale skin, almond eyes, bat like fangs, bat wings, blonde hair tied in twintails and ringlets, red nail polished manicured hands, and tattoos similar to her father showing her weak points. She wears a pitch black Gothic Lolita outfit with a black umbrella, black headband, black miniskirt, spiderweb knee-socks, and black high heels.

Personality Edit

Hilda has a personality similar to Patra by looking down at people she considers commoners like Kinji to where she will not do anything asked for by him. Also, she is very bold and overconfident in herself before being defeated and becoming subservient to Riko. In addition, Hilda loves battle and drinking the blood of her victims. Plus, like Katze Grasse, she has an intense hatred for the Vatican and seeing them as ignorant.[1] However, she does like when people praise her.

Background Edit

When Hilda was young, she helped her father imprison, torture, and experiment on Riko Mine. At one point, her head was cutoff by Meiya, but survived due to her regenerative abilities.[1]

Quote Edit

  • (Hilda commenting about her opponents): "I do so love looking down upon the crumpled forms of my utterly defeated enemies!" (Volume 14, Chapter 3)

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References Edit

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