Hikari Mamiya is Akari Mamiya's cousin who is an Assault student at Nagoya Butei Girl's School. She wished to rebuild the Mamiya Family and even tried to have her sisters recruit Shino Sasaki and Raika Hino with no success. She was later defeated by Akari.

Hikari is the older sister of Nozomi Mamiya and Kodama Mamiya.

Appearance Edit

Hikari is a tanned skin girl with violet eyes and short black hair. She wears the Nagoya Butei Girl's School sailor suit, which is trimmed short everywhere, leaving her entire abdomen exposed.

Personality Edit

Hikari was shaken up by the event of the Mamiya Family massacre to where she became lost from constant hiding from IU. This has lead her to be dissatisfied with the state of her clan and wanting to rebuild it again.

Background Edit

During Hikari's childhood, she got along well with Akari. However, after IU assaulted her family and fragmented her clan, she was forced along with her younger sisters, Nozomi and Kodama, into constant hiding.

Trivia Edit

  • Hikari appeared on a volume cover of the AA series.

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