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Recent Light Novel Volume

Hidan no Aria Volume 34 Cover.jpg

Volume 34 - Flotilla Leader of the Early Sky

Flotilla Leader of the Early Sky is the thirty-fourth volume of the Hidan no Aria novel series released on June 25, 2020. This volume continues the Yuka Tohyama arc.

Recent Manga Volume

Aria G-K manga vol2.jpg

Aria the Scarlet Ammo G Collateral Bros II

Aria the Scarlet Ammo G Collateral Bros II is the second volume of the of the G-Kin manga series and 23rd volume of the overall manga series based on the Hidan no Aria series. It was released on August 20, 2020. This volume is based on the events of Volume X of the light novel series and contains chapters 7-12.

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Featured Article
Hidan no Aria Volume 33 Cover.jpg
Yuka Tohyama
Yuka Tohyama is the sister of Magane Tohyama, aunt of Konza Tohyama, and grandaunt to Kinichi Tohyama (Kana), Kinji Tohyama, Kinzou Tohyama (GIII), Kaname Tohyama, Kanade Tohyama. She was a Lt. Colonel and Senior Communication Officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. At some point during the war, she received a mission from the military and has been working in the shadows to carry it out to the present day, which would later involve Kinji and Team Baskerville.

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