Habi is an Oni girl of the Kinokuni in Palau, who appeared in Volume 8, Chapter 1 as a representative of the Oni's. She is part of Greneda during the Far Eastern Warfare. Also, she contains Hihiirokane within, which contains parts of the Scarlet Goddess similar to Aria H. Kanzaki and Kou.

Appearance Edit

Habi is a Oni and is described by Kinji Tohyama as a 10 year old girl with brown hair, brown eyes, cat-patterned fur, and two horns on her forehead similar to that of a rhinoceros or giraffe.[1] She wear a kimono and has a flower in her hair.

Personality Edit

Habi personality is similar to a child, especially during battle, where she treats it as if it was a kindergarten game.

Background Edit

Little to no information is known about Habi background as Aria knew nothing about her.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Habi is the last character from Volume 8 to be in a full story arc as shown in Volume 20.

References Edit

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  2. Volume 9, Chapter 5
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