Special Training is the tenth episode of the Hidan no Aria anime. It was aired on June 17, 2011.


Kinji and Aria have reluctantly agreed to Riko's offer. Now, they must undergo trainning from the Phantom Thief's descendent herself. Amidst the maid outfits and teasing Kinji into hysteria mode, can Aria and Kinji keep it together long enough to see this mission through?


At their meeting, Riko explain the plans. It’s revealed that Vlad took Riko’s rosary that was given by her deceased mother. They plan to infiltrate Vlad’s mansion by disguising as butler and maids. The next day, Riko ask Kinji to meet her at the infirmary. On his way, he was surprised by Jeanne who was now enrolled at the school after striking a deal with the judge. Jeanne tells how Vlad, claiming to be Riko’s relative took her in when Riko’s parents dead years ago. Jeanne continues to explain how Vlad isn’t human and pose a greater threat to her clad. With a poor drawing, she detailed three of four marks on Vald’s body that must be destroyed in order to defeat him. Kinji arrives to the infirmary to discover that Riko, Aria, and other girls were coming for a re-examination. In a panic, he hides inside a closet. He was pulled out by Reki as a white wolf charged through the window. After the wolf escape, Kinji and Reki took pursuit after it. Chasing it to a construction building, Reki was able to temporary paralyzed the wolf by grazing a bullet with her sniper. She quickly tamed and took in the wolf.

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