Honey Trap is the ninth episode of the Hidan no Aria anime. It was aired on June 17, 2011.


Riko has made her return to Butei high! However rather than kill Aria and Kinji, she has a proposition for them; in exchange for testifying for Aria's mother's trial, Aria and Kinji must play thief and steal something Riko values from IU's second-in-command Vlad. Can Kinji and Aria trust the Phantom Thief's descendant? 


Aria calls Kinji to her room where she tries to subdue him, but he realizes it is Riko from the change in attitude. Riko then attempts moves which will make him enter Hysteria Mode, but Aria interrupts by smashing through the window. After throwing insults at each others, Aria and Riko begin to fight which led them to the roof. Kinji stops the fight and Aria demands Riko to testify for her mother at trial which, oddly enough, Riko accepts. Riko explains how Vlad expelled her from I.U. because she didn't defeat Aria and that Vlad has stolen something from her. Kinji and Aria are forced to join Riko's robbery to help retrieve her item in exchange for her testimony. Riko returns to school the next day and teases Kinji the entire time. Later, Shirayuki witness Kinji with Riko and out of jealousy, attacks Riko. Riko quickly avoid the attack and leaves Shirayuki with Kinji. Faking her injury, Shirayuki led Kinji to the empty nurse’s office. She explains that she have to stay at the shrine for a month for braking the rule of venturing off during the fireworks festive. She then unsuccessful tries to subdue him in which he escapes through the window. The following day, Aria and Kinji meet up with Riko.

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