First Mission is the fourth episode of the Hidan no Aria anime. It aired on May 20, 2011.


It's do or die for Kinji now! Aria's life is hanging by a thread and Riko is closing in on them. Can Kinji hope to defeat Riko and save everyone on the plane without entering Hysteria mode?


Kinji works quickly and uses a medicine to save Aria's life. When Aria yells at him as a result, Kinji kisses her to simultaneously calm her down and activate his Hysteria mode. Riko storms into their cabin and is confronted by Kinji and Aria who nearly capture her. However the plane starts descending, so Aria rushes to the controls while Kinji confronts Riko, who escapes after blowing out the plane's door before the plane is hit by missiles, blowing out some of its engines and causing a fuel leak. The government interferes and plans to shoot the plane down, due to lack of runways. Despite interference by the government, Kinji manages to ease the plane into an emergency landing thanks to the other Butei. Afterward, just as Aria is prepared to leave, Kinji agrees to be her partner, though this does not settle well with Shirayuki.


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