At its core, Butei High Schools is just like any other Japanese high school, but sets them apart from normal high schools is the special department courses all students must take in order to become a Butei. The concept is similar to college programs where certain classes must be taken in order to graduate with a certain major on top of general classes.

For the first four hours of a Butei student's school day, they attend general studies classes. From the fifth hour and onward, the students go their separate ways to their respective departments. During this time, students are allowed to take civilian requests which offer money and contribute credit mandatory for graduation.

Butei CoursesEdit

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Assault: A martial course specializing in the use of firearms and melee weapons. It has two subdivisions of Assault and Snipe

Lezzad: An intelligence course specializing in the extraction and analysis of information from prisoners. Its subdivisions are Lezzad and Dagula

Connect: Similar to but differing from Lezzad, Connect handles information and focuses on distribution and communication. Its subdivisions are Connect and Informa

Inquesta: Much like Connect and Lezzad, Inquesta is another information course however its focus is typically on crime scene investigation and forensics. It subdivisions are Inquesta and Rapier

Logi: A logistics divisions specializing in supplying equipment, vehicles, and armaments. Students of this division often learn mechanical, maintenance, and motor skills. Its subdivisions are Logi and Amdo 

Medica: A medical division that specializes in the treatment of wounded in a battle or the critically sick in a hospital. Its subdivisions are Medica and Ambulance

Research: A division in specialized and fringe research. Its most famous subdivision is SSR, which deals with supernatural occurrences and honing students supernatural abilities. As a result, Butei of this division are known as Choutei. It's other, extremely exclusive division is CVR only allows girls of extreme beauty to enter. As a result, they use their beauty in interrogations in order to charm information out of a suspect.

Colt: The normal ring of subjects all Butei students must take (Science, Mathematics, History, etc.) 

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