Aya Hiraga (平賀 文 Hiraga Aya) is a genius of Amdo division, and as such she is enlisted by other students to upgrade or modify their weapons. Kinji's Beretta pistol is one such example. Her ancestor is Hiraga Gennai. According to Kinji, her labor fees are considerably expensive. Despite being a genius in customizing weapons, sometimes due to sloppy work, the guns she works at has a probability to malfunction. An example of this is when Kinji's Beretta's 3-burst function stops working and instead fires 2 bullets at the same time.

Kinji states that considering her skills, she should be ranked S, however due to the massive fees she naively charges for her services, coupled with the large number of illegal modifications she performs, she is ranked A.

Hiraga is a member of Team Carrier GA.

Personality Edit

Hiraga is a very cheerful person and is also slightly naive, as befitting her stature. She is a very casual person as well, being able to watch anime shows while she works on her contracts. 

Hiraga personality can cause her to have misunderstandings about situations very easily. An example would be during the events of Volume 6, where Kinji and Reki visited her at the same time. Although her misconception wasn't too far off the mark, it wasn't entirely correct either. 

She acts very much like a child for some unstated reason, and the example here would be when she was chasing a butterfly around the soccer field in Volume 5. 


Hiraga, true to her lineage, is a prodigy in the arts of technology. Being part of Amdo, she is one of the best in her field for arms dealing. She is a weapons manufacturer and modifier to the extreme point, and her prowess and knowledge in this field is unrivaled by no one else in Tokyo Butei High


Her stature is a very appalling height, one that most likely exceeded by even Aria's. She is very much like an elementary student in this regard, and her physical body also seems to match her height. 

Her hair color is a light brown and red mixture, something akin to a specific type of wood. 

Her eyes are a startling vivid blue, similar to that of cobalt. Her eye color is somewhat darker than Jeanne's in that sense. 

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