The AA Amica protagonists: Aria and Akari

Amica (戦徒(アミカ) Amika?) is a Butei system introduced in the hidan no Aria AA spin-off. A 2-person duo between senior and junior, the senior will provide guidance to a junior on a one-to-one basis for a one-year period. While boy groups are labelled Amigo (戦兄弟(アミコ) Amiko?) and Amica (戦姉妹(アミカ) Amika?) for girls, contracts between mixed genders is possible.

A Junior must fill out a contract form stating their basic information. Such as their name, year, class as well as the details of the Senior they want to be an Amica with. The Junior must first take a test before the Amica Contract will pass.

Known Characters Under Amica ContractEdit

Emblem (エンブレム?)Edit

A 30-minute pratical test for Amicas, where the seniors test their junior. If the junior snatches the emblem from their senior within the given time frame, the contract is approved.

3 Day Cancel (3日内解消規則(スリーデイズ・キャンセル)?)Edit

If a dispute occurs between the senior and underclassmen within 72 hours after the Amica contract is formed, the contract is cancelled when the senior fails to protect the underclassmen. Contracting as the same group is invalid by all means.

Amica Group (アミカ・グループ?)Edit

When 2 or more Amicas form a group (limited to 5 people) for cooperative training, each Amica follows a different order.

Amica GroupsEdit


  • It is Italian for "friend".
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